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Ryan Neff

Data Scientist
MD/PhD Candidate

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About Me

What I Do

I am an MD/PhD student working in the Bin Zhang Lab at the Mount Sinai Center for Transformative Disease Modeling at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, NY.

My research is on improving our understanding of and developing new therapies for Alzheimer's Disease through bioinformatics data science and systems biology. I am also working to bring precision medicine to nutrition and digestive health through the development of new technologies that bring the benchtop to the home.

Harvard College, Class of 2013, Biomedical Engineering

Knowedge in several languages and technologies

Python R Javascript MySQL HTML5 / CSS3 JQuery Flask Twilio C / C++ Matlab Solidworks Ruby on Rails InDesign Illustrator After Effects

Inventor with 4 patents

See my patents on autonomous cars

Published scientific researcher

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What matters to me

In my free time, I like to come up with new ideas to solve existing challenges, and translate them into new inventions, patents, and real-world products.

I think it's important to tackle problems from new angles of attack, and to maneuver your company so that your solutions can gain lift. I have helped many companies achieve their investment goals including 4C Medical, Atia Health, and Demeter so they can get off the runway. Currently, I'm interested in finding and investing in new opportunities in the medical and informatics space, even at the pre-seed/angel stage.

I also have many hobbies and like to ride bikes around the city, mess with electronics, and spend time with close friends and family.

Winner of several hackathons and business competitions

Teaching assistant and tutor in data science

My Projects

Suretify ("ISMMS Student Health Check")

IFTTT-like triggers for hospitals and discharge planners. Now being used for real-time COVID-19 tracking and follow-up for all students at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

See the COVID-19 Tracker >

Check out the award >

Mount Sinai Brain Bank

RNA-seq, proteomics, and genetics of post-mortem brain biopsies of 364 patients with Alzheimer's.

Read the paper >

Demeter Health

An innovative mail-in test for a wide range of digestive symptom insights, powered by next-generation sequencing.


How does Harvard watch TV?

An in-depth network analysis of real-time streaming TV viewership at Harvard.

Check it out >


Differential coexpression network analysis on multiple subgroups.

Check it out >


An app to help your Amazon Alexa recognize your voice. Developed at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Check it out >

Pollex Grasp

A wearable soft robotic assist device to help patients with hand disability to regain their grip.

Read the article at Harvard >

Maneuverable Catheter Wrist

Design of a strong yet flexible catheter tip for delicate cardiac surgery.

Read the report >

Curriculum vitae